Earth Day Poem

E- Environment is now safer

A- Air is cleaner because of cut down of pollution

R- Rates of Bald Eagle were really low when there was no Earth Day

T- The was pollution in the air

H- Help the Earth today

D- Danger was upon the US not now because of Earth Day

A- Animals habitats are coming up do to Earth Day

Y- Yeah for Earth Day

Child Labor Industrial Revolution

Child labor in the Industrial Revolution would be really scary and the a really low pay for kids. Kids lost appendages off of their body’s so even lost their feet. ┬áBut that was good for the parents because kids helped their families survive. It must have been really harsh to work as a kid. Luckily kids can go to school.

Firefighters are true heroes!

For my second Passion Project, I’m learning what it’s like to be a firefighter. One of the most dreaded days in American history shows these heroes in action. They were literally “going up when the towers came down.” Thank you to all the brave men and women who risk their lives for ours.

Video Credit: Dave Pasquarello

Amendment 8

A- Annexing them to crimes and there’s no Constitutional check.

M- Majority of states and public opinion polls.

E- Extraordinarily large fines or bails can not be set.

N- Nine out of 12 states voted for it.

D- Debates demonstrate, the cruel and unusual punishment clause.

M- Madison was the one that introduced amendment 8.

E- Either as the price for obtaining pretrial release or as punishment.

N- Nor excessive amount of bail.

T- To people they can’t be punished with a cruel punishment.

E- England adopted the Bill of Rights.

I- If the crime is serious the bail is higher.

G- Gibbet may be among the most mild discipline.

H- High bail or fine don’t have to be paid.

T- The cruel and unusual punishments cause.

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